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+$10 Establishment of online portal

Generate customer leads using our suite of proven and tried templates for new business

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Many people lost their jobs during the Covid Era for various reasons, and we have recognised a need to give people back their power and, most importantly, their independence. If you have had enough to rely on others for your survival, now is an excellent time to reconsider your options. 


Whether you are looking for a dropshipping, print on demand (POD) or other e-commerce business, you are in the right place. Our program is more than a web design course; it is a complete business strategy from start to finish, and you will be up and running in one month. Our commitment to fellow Australians is to help those looking to break free from the rat race. 

There are only eight places each month because we commit to helping you through the process. Many of the lessons are already recorded. However, before you start the 'Business in a Month' approach, we have some homework for you to do to get your business operational.


Our other services are 'build a website in a week' for businesses that are not e-commerce, so suitable for consultants, small businesses etc. 


If you have already started a website and find yourself in a bit of bother because it's not as easy as it seems, then 'fix my mess' is where we come in and put everything right. 

Deb Carr

Web Designer, Social Media Marketer and Blogging Expert

I've been marketing online since 2004. During this time, I've built a successful brand with one of my lifestyle blogs, Sydney Chic (established on Wix in 2013) and now has close to 2,000 pages. I've also built many Wix sites for clients and am proud to say I'm a Wix Partner, i.e. Wix promotes me to their potential clients.

I specialise in building Wix websites for small businesses, sole traders and bloggers. 

I have a passion for helping people get a stunning, functional website that doesn't cost them a fortune. 


I have five websites of my own. You can check them out in the footer.

Cameron Sangster

Business Strategy, Audience Psychology Expert and Digital Marketing

I have a genuine passion for people and making a positive impact on their lives. My interests lie heavily around my family which is seen in application in my professional life.

Having diverse experience across many fields, from my humble beginnings as an apprentice boiler-maker to Visual Communication, Automotive manufacturing, Construction, big box retail and eCommerce, my inspiration has always been on what makes a customer purchase a product (or service) and the science behind their decision.


My guiding principle in this journey has always been what a highly esteemed business coach once taught me: AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) ... and in that order. Bomb out at any point and go back to the start - you need to get their Attention again.

If I could own a motto, it would have to be: 'Success breeds success' !  There's nothing like the thrill of a win running through the sales room or group chat to be hungry for more!

Our mission is to give you an opportunity to work for yourself or build a side-hustle

Whatever it is you need as far as a website goes, we'll have something that works just for you.

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