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Helping Australians turn their income dreams into reality. Quickly.

Business in a month

All you need to know

UNIT 1 - First things first

  • We guide you through the most critical phase of your new journey: the business name. You will need to register a business name. We can recommend an Accountant or you can choose your own. 

  • Confirm the objective of the website

    • Product or service or both​

    • eCom or POD or manual 'white glove'

  • You'll look at the psychology of your core values and how to align these with your company

  • Create your customer avatar using our tried and proven methods

  • Confirm that the intent of your purpose and delivery of your store align before we move to Unit 2

UNIT 2 - Existence

(we like to keep this close to our chest as a surprise)

  • What?

  • How?

  • WHY?

UNIT 3 - Marketing Channels

  • Where will you customer be searching for you to advertise? i.e. reality may be far from your initial thoughts

  • Which are the best marketing channels to use organically?

  • Will the old fashioned mail out or phone call delivery work?

  • What does your client do really well?

Key Takeaways 

  • Your Strategy on a Page (SOAP)

  • It gives you more flexibility

  • Allows you complete control over content and appearance

  • Is easily kept up to date yourself

  • Won't take months to build

  • It has plenty of apps and options 

  • It gets you ready to be found by Google

  • It offers many add on apps

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