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websites for the fitness industry

Client Profile - Grace Carr Yes, Grace is my daughter. Grace is a personal trainer in Bondi Beach, training out of Beach Fit. She also offers online training for her clients. Grace specialises in helping women achieve the tight, toned bodies of their dreams and goals of fat loss while improving overall fitness and health. She does this by combining a bespoke training program and flexible dieting practices. She works with her clients to create a sustainable lifestyle that will set them up with good habits. Website Brief Grace wanted a modern site that worked on all devices. It needs to appeal to all ages. Design Using the colours from Grace's logo we chose to build her site on Editor X. Editor X creates design responsive websites with professional styling tools and Flexbox technology. Get full breakpoint control, flexible grids and more to build incredible websites. Integrated business tools. Fully responsive sites. Powerful SEO. Coding capabilities.

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Websites for the fitness industry

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Outcome Grace loves her website, she will be adding more features to it as she grows her business including a membership area for her clients to download free recipe books and workouts. Website URL

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