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Client Profile - Sydney Chic

This is the first site I built using Wix. The site was constructed in December 2013 and it has had many facelifts during that time. To date I have over 2,000 articles and the DA ranking is presently 32 with an Alexa Ranking of 203,420 world and 3,422 Australia. Some web designers will tell you that you can't rank well with a Wix website. I'm here to tell you that you can. I receive anywhere between 5-10 emails daily from marketing firms wanting to have link backs (paid content) because the site ranks well. Most of these requests go straight into my trash. I am more than happy to feature my clients on the website if appropriate with no fees.

Have a look at the photo below. This was the original template I used on Sydney Chic! See how it has changed. Hope on the site and scroll down to see the massive changes. I kept this template for a few years before I started changing it. I am showing you this so you get a feel how websites built on Wix can be changed.

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To be honest I had no idea when I first started in 2013 and Wix has improved tremendously since I first joined. The blog had to be migrated to the new system at one stage.

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What can I say? Sydney Chic is my baby and even though I don't live in Sydney anymore I still keep the site pumping. I do have writers that help with the content.

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