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Note: this is a moving website please click the image to see how it works and check out the tiger on the bottom of the page.

Client Profile - Upbeat and Positive

Upbeat and Positive if one of my own websites and it too is built on Editor X, like this site you are on now. I wanted to create a website that offered positive news and feel-good stories in a world that is currently in chaos.

Website Brief

The site needed to be vibrant and responsive. I wanted to create a happy feel to it. Originally I had green as the main colour of the website, however I changed it to blue as I felt it made the site more vibrant. I created the logo in Canva, however I do need to point out Wix has its own Logo Making tool within the dashboard.

Website Category

Websites for bloggers

Wix Plan

Editor X


I am very pleased with the website, my only issue is having the time to write for it and produce content. It's a long-term project eventually ranking high enough to gain advertising in a discreet way. Nothing turns me off websites more than constant pop up adverts.

Website URL

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