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Client Profile - Vogue Consulting

As the most trusted & full-service Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne, Australia, we integrate our diverse disciplines to effectively connect, engage & resonate with your target audience all over the world. Our expert team members are exceptionally talented, highly experienced, and diligent in providing our clients with 100% satisfactory digital marketing services. We will never get tired of impressing you with our guaranteed result-driven SEO, SMO, PPC, Branding, Local SEO, Content marketing, lead generation, & various other services. Vogue Consulting is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney that delivers tangible results.

Website Brief

Cameron had started his website on Wix himself, however as many of my clients discover it is not as easy as they think. We had a Zoom meeting and immediately were on the same page with our values. We have been great friends ever since. We published the site but later Cameron wanted to change a few things so we worked on that. Vogue Consulting will be re-created again on Editor X. Editor X is the platform that this site ( is built on. It is an advance (more expensive in hosting and website design fees).

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Websites for consultants


I used a template from Wix for this site, however I did change it extensively and deleted some parts of the site that were not useful. We kept with the design colours that were supplied to me from the graphic artist.

Wix Plan



Cameron was so impressed with Deb Carr Digital that he has referred many other clients. Cameron and Deb joined forces to offer our services as a team.

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