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Google Alerts is a free tool that can help business owners and bloggers find useful information to create content, find out above their competitors and much more.

Create a Google Alerts account at

First create your account at Google Alerts.

It is completely free to set up. Create an account and set up notifications to receive daily updates on what's popular on the internet in your sector. You can use Google Alerts to keep track of both clients and competitors.


You may also find ways to compose blog entries and create social media content. For instance, for Deb's jungle design online store - she has alerts set up for 'conservation' 'rainforest' etc. These Google Alerts help Deb to find content to write about for her blog on Everything Jungle.

In Cameron's case, he has alerts for his online store for 'holiday news Greece' so he can keep up with the latest trends and get ideas for creating artwork on Greek scenery.

If you're stuck for blog post ideas, you may sometimes find a wonderful article and link your blog to it, along with an original opening paragraph or two explaining why your readers should read it.

Keep up with industry news by setting up alerts.

  • Keep track of your competitors via alerts to see what they are up to and what you can do better!

  • Set up notifications to keep track of what's being said about you or your company on the internet. This will help with Reputation Management.

  • Keep track on what people are saying about you! Let's hope it's all good!


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