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Helping Australians turn their income dreams into reality. Quickly.


Client Profile - NM Bodies NM Bodies is a professional online training, nutrition and competitor coaching team. We put you first and go above and beyond to ensure you feel supported and are successful with reaching your goals. ​ ​ #TEAMNMBODIES

Website Category

Websites for the fitness industry, personal trainers and online fitness coaches.

Website Brief Nic and Em had a specific goal for their website so I built it on Wix from a blank screen and followed their instructions to create the look and feel they wanted for NM Bodies. The website has a private members and forum section for their clients so they can interact and share successes. Wix Plan


Outcome Nic and Em were thrilled with the website and said it was exactly what they wanted. Website URL:

Deb worked with Nic and I collaboratively to design our website. We had a very clear vision in our head of what we wanted to achieve.
Deb made the whole process easy, she asked as a lot of questions so she could become very clear on our vision as well.
We sent through our ideas, photos, inspirations and copy. It all came together so nicely. If we had any feedback and wanted changes Deb would fix this for us. We are so happy with the final product and so pleased that our vision has come to life.


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