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websites for building inspectors

Client Profile - Housesafe Training and Eduction

Training Inspectors For Excellence

Housesafe Inspection Training & Education was founded by Howard Ryan, a Sydney-based housing inspector with decades of experience. He and his team have a passion to help other inspectors – both men and women – to work to a high standard of excellence.

We have trained over 1,800 people so far nationally and internationally, from individual inspectors to large project builders like Metricon Homes, Zac Homes, Wisdom Homes, Mojo Homes, Masterton Homes and McDonald Jones Homes. In fact, New Construction Intelligence sessions for construction companies are now a large part of our business and intellectual property.

Whether you are a seasoned inspector, a tradie thinking of switching to this industry, a young person just starting out, a wife or partner of a property inspector, or the head of a big construction firm wanting some CPD friendly training for your workforce, we can help you.

Website Brief

Howard had a site built on Wordpress which was not easy to navigate. We migrated to Wix around 2015. The site needed to have a section for courses and forms to download to apply. It is a large site with downloads, free e-books, and registry of building inspectors who have been trained by Housesafe. I used a FAQ app to build the registry.

Wix has progressed since the site was first built and today, if I was creating a new one the directory would be build using VELO.


Websites for building inspectors




Howard is very happy with the website and engages me for website maintenance and online marketing.



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